Q: What is Japan Premium?

A: A global e-commerce website connecting Japanese high-quality and trending products with overseas customers.

Q: Who is behind Japan Premium?

A: It was established by TYA (HK) Limited, a HK based creative agency working together with a reliable Japanese supplier.



Q: Where are the masks shipped from?

A: All the masks are shipped from Tokyo, Japan. All the materials are locally sourced in Japan.

Q: What is the difference between Barriere Block Mask that is individually packaged and non-individually packaged?

A: Each mask is individually packaged, therefore it is suitable for longterm stockpiling as the Dolomite effectiveness are guaranteed to last for 10 years 

  • Barriere Block Mask - Individual Package (10 pcs/Package) 

  • Barriere Block Mask - Individual Package (50 pcs/Box) 

Masks are not individually packaged with 5 packages of 10 pcs per box; Sold in units of 50 pcs per box. It is suitable for immediate use for small group gatherings. (No 10 year guarantee of Dolomite effectiveness)*

  •  Barriere Block Mask - Non-Individual Package (50 pcs/Box) 

Q: What's Revirase Filter and how do I use them?

A: Revirase Filter is a general-purpose filter that has the same patent technology of virus deactivation effect as the Barriere Block filter using a BR-p3 filter. You can use Revirase FIlter by inserting it as an inner layer of your favorite masks and when you can't avoid the “Three Cs”: Closed places, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings. It has a high versatility for both children and adults as well as cost-effective because it's only a filter.

Q: Can the mask be washed or used multiple times?

A: No, this is a disposable mask and should not be washed.

Q: What to pay attention to when storing the mask?

A: Please store in a cool, low humidity place away from direct sunlight.



Q: How long does the shipping usually take?

A: Asia, North America, Europe 5~9 days; South America, Africa 5~9 days.

In cases if the period from acceptance to transfer and delivery falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday or if the airport security requires additional examination as well as if a delay or cancellation occur in a flight schedule, delivery may take longer.

Q: Which shipping carrier you are using?

A:  Japan Post International ePacket.

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